How The GP Air machine Works

The probe is hammered in to the ground to the required depth. Alternative aerators have a tendency for the spike to bounce and not reach the required depth but the GP Air reaches the required depth every time.

A controlled blast of air is released from the bottom of the probe; it lifts and shatters the soil in the ground with little or no surface damage.

Multiple blasts can be applied at varying depths. The aerator can go in to the ground 600mm deep and blows compressed air at 150 PSI. The blast destroys the poor soil structure allowing water to drain away, aiding drainage and relieving compaction.

Following the blast a small inch hole will remain visible from the surface and this could be backfilled with kiln dried sand.

This allows for future long term drainage, and little visual impact to the surface.

The GP Air machine is a light weight, pedestrian machine, therefore giving minimal disruption to the surface, allowing usage through out the year.

It is also compact, so is great for getting in to small or restricted areas.

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